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Increased productivity
In any retail or food application within distribution environments, demands for productivity are increasing. This makes output and reliability a vital aspect for any labelling solution. Our AP tabletop printer series combines high throughput with high quality print results, increasing efficiency for compliance labelling applications.

This extremely versatile generation of printers can increase productivity by up to 30 %1, which is achieved by enhanced processing power and best-inclass first-label-out-time. These benefits are noted across both distributed and batch printing applications.

Improved efficiency and traceability
The AP tabletop series has the flexibility to print barcodes, font and serial numbers on a wide variety of material, from paper to plastic. To ensure compliance, simply add more information to your labels with the ability to print smaller fonts. Adding GS1 GDSN2 standard barcodes and multi-language label information becomes straightforward and cost effective with this multipurpose printer range. This ensures compliance and consistency across global supply chains by streamlining processes and meeting standards.

The AP tabletop printer series not only increases productivity, but also delivers improved efficiency and traceability for goods moving through a distribution environment. All in all, the printers are designed to ensure and maintain an effective supply chain for you.

Enjoy printing versatility for applications such as:
• Box labelling
• Pallet labelling
• Shipping labelling
• Compliance labelling
• Product identification

Your advantages at a glance

The AP 5.4 and AP 5.6 by Avery Dennison are the perfect solutions for retail and food applications in distribution environments.

Up to 30 %1 increased productivity:
more speed and accuracy are achieved with the ability to print small fonts and additional processing capabilities.

Perfectly suitable for the global supply chain:
enhanced multi-language capability enables integration into networks with distribution sites across multiple countries.

Effective compliance:
straightforward addition of more information such as GS1 GDSN2 standard barcodes and the ability to print international character fonts. This ensures compliance, transparency and consistency across global supply

Versatile and flexible
Is your supply chain global? Do you need reliability and process efficiency? The AP series is designed to increase your ROI and TCO benefits. Our Fastrax™ analysis looks at all aspects of functionality to identify an efficient complete solution that helps reduce costs. To ensure you are supported, our team of in-house engineers are on hand for service maintenance and support.

Easy to use
The operating controls for all printers in the range are straightforward and simple to operate. Printheads are easily replaced and the print settings are adjusted by the touch of a button. The display shows colour coded status menus and is extremely user-friendly to operate.

Seamless integration
The AP series will easily integrate into existing processes and internal networks across multiple countries. These tabletop printers are easily swapped in as replacements without the need for any reprogramming.


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