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alphaJET into prints economically in high quality, at fast production speeds, with low maintenance and it is easy to operate.

This makes our alphaJET into the coding system of choice for everyone who demands high reliability, low cost of ownership and environment friendlyness.

• Modern design
• IP 65 rated construction
• Operating temperatures +5° to +45° C
• Stainless steel

Touchscreen display
• 10.4" TFT touchscreen display
with user-friendly interface
• Solvent resistant
• Graphical interface (WYSIWYG)

Ink system
• modular and easy to access
• high availability due to high quality,
durable components
• easy, timesaving maintenance
• efficient and ecological
• no ink- or solvent cartridges
• Solvent recovery system as standard

Print head
• optimized design with head flap
-> easy to clean in line
• Nozzle lock -> Quick start and shut down routines
• Head heater -> uniform droplet formation
• built-in strobe-light and loupe for visual
inspection of the drop formation

Interfaces and I/O standard
• Ethernet
• 1 x RS 232
• USB port
• 2 parallel inputs (product sensor and encoder)
• Alarm relay
• digital I/O port (8 x IN, 4 x OUT)
• optional: 4-color alarm-beacon

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