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The alphaJET tempo consistently provides an excellent print quality at highest production speeds. Profitability due to high availability with minimal maintenance as well as easy network integration complete the system.

• Modern Design
• IP 65 rated construction
• Operating temperatures 5° - 45°C
• Stainless steel
• Optional: UPS integrated
(uninterruplible power supply)

Touchscreen display
• 10.4" TFT touchscreen display
with user-friendly interface
• Resistive, detachable display, can also be tilted
• Solvent resistant
• Graphical interface (WYSIWYG)

Ink system
• Modular and easy to access
• High availability due to high quality,
durable components
• Easy, timesaving maintenance
• Efficient and ecological
• No ink or solvent cartridges
• Solvent recovery system as standard

Print head
• Optimized design with head flap -> easy to clean
• Nozzle lock -> quick start and shut down routines
• Head heater -> uniform droplet formation
• Built-in strobe-light and loupe for visual
inspection of the drop formation

Interfaces and I/O standard
• Ethernet
• 2 x RS 232
• 2 parallel inputs (product sensor and encoder)
• Remote socket
• Digital I/O ports
• Alarm relais
• Optional: 4-color alarm-beacon
• Optional: customer specific software

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