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KBA Metronic HPD Nano

Miniature hot foil printer with exceptionally small dimensions and edge-mounted print head for the use within packaging machines with minimal available space. With its small dimensions, the hpdSYSTEM nano is a high-capable and versatile unit.

The hot foil unit’s compact design and the mounting systems developed by KBAMetronic allow these units to be integrated into just about any automatic packaging system, labeling system and post-press machines.

All units are designed for constant use day in, day out and boast high functionality,easy operation and a long working life. Color foils are generally recognized as safe and are ideal even for sensitive product areas such as those in the food and drugs industries.

Recommended sectors / ideal for:
• Packaging
• Food
• Dairy
• Pharmaceutical
• Cosmetics
• Cabling
• Automotive
• Plastics, chemicals
• Engineering
• Electronics
• Precision engineering

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