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Hot foil printer with edge-mounted print head and very large print area to fulfil large print requirements even until the border of each product.

Experts in hot foil printer design for industry since 1972

• Precise printing onto almost any substrate
• Easy integration into production lines and packaging systems
• Totally emission-free
• Easy to operate
• Simple foil changeover
• Infinitely adjustable foil feed, temperature and printing time
• Reliable plate locking for optimum heat transfer
• Stroke 8 mm
• Straight forward to maintain
• vario: exchange cassette minimises set-up time (see figure above)
• Cassette control with print switch-off foil end scanning and end sensor

Perfectly coordinated components and application specific options
• Print sequence control (Home sensor) (vario only)
• Warning system for foil end by scanning the foil core (vario only)
• Side plate for narrow foil
• Mounting frame (manufacturer supplied)
• Galley type holder, numerators and individual cliches
• Colored hot foils – tailored to the hot foil unit and substrate
• Adapter
• Stamping plates

Intelligent control and user friendly handling
• All required operating parameters can be set by the separate indicator and control unit with graphical LCD- display and membrane keyboard
• Operate two hot foil printers with just one control unit (see figure above)
• Optional operating status and printer configuration display via serial interface within packaging/labelling systems
• Electronic display/reporting of sensor break, high/low temperature, foil end
• Electronic foil end monitor
• Electronic PID-controller for quick heatup time and consistent print quality
• Pulsing input PNP / NPN 5 – 26 V
• Electronic output for additional electromagnetic valve

The hot foil unit’s compact design and the mounting systems developed by KBAMetronic allow these units to be integrated into just about any automatic packaging system, labeling system and post-press machines.

All units are designed for constant use day in, day out and boast high functionality, easy operation and a long working life. Color foils are generally recognized as safe and are ideal even for sensitive product areas such as those in the food and drugs industries.

Recommended sectors / ideal for:
• Packaging
• Food
• Dairy
• Pharmaceutical
• Cosmetic
• Cabling
• Automotive
• Plastics, chemicals
• Engineering
• Electronics
• Precision engineering

The production and working environments are not impacted by emissions of any kind (such as solvents). Companies are therefore well set to comply with future workplace directives and regulations for limit values. The print adheres to almost all substrates including: paper, card, plastic, foils, leather, textiles etc.. It is smudge and abrasionproof and resistant to environmental influences. Products can be processed further immediately after printing.

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