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ttPRINT XS has been designed specifically to meet the need for a small, easy-to-integrate printer for tight or narrow spaces. This makes ttPRINT XS ideal for integration into almost any packaging or labelling machinery.

• For marking & coding on packaging and labelling machines
• Compact design – easy-to-integrate, with a compact footprint
• Optimal price-performance ratio
• Print area: max. 53 x 40 mm / 2” x 1.5” (intermittent)
• Print speed up to 400 mm/s / 15.5”/s
• High resolution (300 dpi)
• Memory media: Compact Flash, 3 x USB

ttPRINT XS is a high resolution thermal transfer overprinter for reliable marking and coding on packaging and labelling machines. ttPRINT XS is easy-to-operate. The control unit offers remote operation via an intuitive touch panel or via optional software ttGRAPHIC. Up to four ttPRINT XS can be controlled simultaneously from one single touch panel.

Of key benefit to integrators is the separation of the ttPRINT XS print head and control unit. Both left and right handed versions are also available. Due to its compact outer dimensions, ttPRINT XS provides all of the spatial prerequisites for easy integration, even in the most confined of spaces. The practical, well laid out casing design
offers a range of cable guiding options. Where space is extremely tight, cables can be run up, down, behind and even to side of the unit.

ttPRINT XS offers an automatic ‘ribbon save’ function. With an unprinted area as low as just 1 mm, this significantly reduces ribbon consumption. Operating costs of ttPRINT XS are substantially reduced by the reduced consumables costs and power consumption.

Standard equipment
• Wear-free transfer ribbon transport system;
Standard: transfer ribbon Inkside out
Option: Inkside In
• Ribbon saving device
• Left and right handed version
• Message editing whilst printing
• 4-line display
• Slots for Compact-Flash-Cards and 3 x USB
• Real time date and time coding
• I/O Interface: 8 x IN, 8 x OUT
• Software tools without extra costs
• Windows printer driver

• Touch Panel 8,4“, 640 x 480 Pixel
• CF Cards up to 2 GB
• Mounting frame
• Creation software ttGRAPHIC
• Links to SAP
• Links to database


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