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The UCAT-1 Heavy-Duty Unpowered Label Unwinders.A label Unwinder is what you need to manage your label supply rolls. From very inexpensive to very sophisticated, LABELMATE’s family of Heavy-Duty “UCAT” Label Unwinders will keep your label production running smoothly. All LABELMATE Unwinders are bi-directional.UCAT-S: This is the world’s least expensive professional Unwinder. It is unpowered and has a trouble-free fixed brake. The UCAT-S accepts up to 300 mm diameter rolls and up to 155 mm width, 76mm cores.


UCAT-1: This is the classic LABELMATE Unwinder with Adjustable Speed-Proportional Braking.Up to 300 mm diameter rolls and 155 mm width, 76mm cores. Optional 255 mm width and a 25 mm to 101 mm Adjustable Core Holder are available. Please see the table of available models below.

The UCAT-3 & UCAT-40 Heavy-Duty Powered Label Unwinders

UCAT-3: This powered Unwinder automatically tracks label usage and provides powered label feed at speeds up to 76cm /sec. The UCAT-3 accepts standard 76mm cores and rolls up to 300 mm in diameter. 255 mm width is available. It can also be used as a full-featured Label Rewinder without any special setup. LABELMATE’s renowned Constant Adjustable TorqueTM control system allows precise adjustment of feed speeds and rewind torque. External STOP / RUN Input included.

UCAT-40: A powered Unwinder like the UCAT-3, but with an impressive 40 cm roll diameter capacity. Supplied with LABELMATE’s 76 mm “Quick-Chuck”™, the UCAT-40 gives you the ultimate label Unwinder for volume production.

An optional outer Flange is available to guide the outer edge of the label web to ensure an even roll edge.

All UCAT feature a 5-Year Parts and Labour Limited Warranty, the longest in the industry. (The Warranty Period for included Power Supplies is 1-Year).

NOTE: UCAT-S & UCAT-1 are unpowered and do not rewind, they only unwind. The UCAT-3 & UCAT-40 are powered and can also rewind (without the tension arm function).

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