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The PM-300-LS and PM-300-HS Reel-to-Reel Label Printer Mechanisms for Inkjet and Laser Heads. The PM-300 Reel-to-Reel Printer Mechanism from LABELMATE. At speeds up to 220cm/sec, you can conveniently and economically print or overprint labels using your preferred inkjet head. With full status indicators and control features, the PM-300 is an ideal table top platform for OEM applications that use an ink-jet head.

When not used as a printer, the PM-300 can be used as a reel-to-reel Counter – Rewinder. The built-in encoder has a resolution of 0,041mm.
The PM-300-LS will print a 28cm diameter roll (425 meters) of labels in less than 7 minutes; the PM-300-HS will print the same roll in less than 5 minutes.

The model choice is dictated by the performance of the inkjet head being used.
Designed for all-day, every-day use, the PM-300 Reel-to-Reel Printer Mechanism is backed by LABELMATE’s famous 3-Year Parts and Labour Limited Warranty . (The Warranty Period for included Power Supplies is 1-Year).


  • Resolution: 0,041mm.
  • Maximum roll diameter: 300mm.
  • Max. roll weight: 6kg.
  • Label width: up to 125mm.
  • Speeds:LS-Version: Max. 150cm/sec. For a roll
  • of 28cm diameter and a core of 76mm.
  • E.q.:7 min. for a roll of 28cm diameter with a 76mm core at full speed. Average speed: 100cm/sec.HS-Version: Max. 220cm/sec. For a roll of 28cm
  • diameter and a core of 76mm.
  • E.g.: 4,5 min. for a roll of 28cm diameter with a 76mm core at full speed. Average speed: 150cm/sec.



  • (cont.) Rugged Construction
  • Secured DB-9 Print Head Connector.
  • Adjustable Label Guide.
  • 110-240V – 50-60Hz AC Input.
  • Encoder Output: Square waves: 0 – 15V.
  • Label sensor: Open collector output.



  • PC 2: Optional 6-digit pre-set counter.
  • PC-3: Dual function preset counter. Allows to counts labels or show instantaneous web speed.
  • HSA-BC: Mounting bracket and cable for HSA.
  • CUST.: Customised version.

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