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These Turnkey Label Splicing Packages allow you to splice one roll of labels to another in order to make a larger roll from two smaller rolls, or to change label types during a production run.

An 8" wide Splicing Table accepts label widths from 1/2" to 8". Pre-set the Counter to stop the system when the desired count is reached.

These Label Splicing Packages are bi-directional, virtually silent in operation, and run at speeds up to 50" per second.

8" wide complete "OFF-LINE" Splicing Package

  • RRS-8 Splicing Table
  • Two CAT-3-CHUCK Drive Units, and two Label Flanges
  • Control Panel controls for both Units' Torque and Direction
  • Two Locking Bars to lock the Units in perfect alignment
  • Splicing Tape Roll Holder for 1" or 2" wide tape
  • Pre-set six digit Counter stops the system when the desired count is reached 


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