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The power of brands
People know your products. Your customers love them. No matter if it’s a shampoo, a dish liquid, a bottle of juice or a health care product: It’s the brand that counts – and the branding.

Be seen – be chosen
What would your products be without the label? From your customer’s point of view: simply a box, a bottle, some kind of packaging. The label makes your product seen and chosen. In other words: It makes you sell.

Its the first impression that counts
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. But then again, every single impression you make has to live up to the first one. For your customers to recognize your product, it has to look good, the logo has to be clearly visible, the label has to be perfectly decorative and in the right place, in short: it has to be of high quality – every time, without exception.

Your solution for industrial labelling
Now what machine can meet this high-level labelling demand? What you need is a high-performer, a real workhorse with a substantial output. You require exceptional label dispensing accuracy that always positions the label in the correct place.

Think of a machine that combines high-speed with high accuracy and gives you something very valuable on top: a completely new modular concept. A concept that allows flexible integration into any product line, making maintenance easier than ever before. For all  of this, there is a solution: the ALS 306.

Your applications
The ALS 306 is the first of our latest generation of labelling machines, offering a very high standard of efficiency and reliability. It is the perfect fit for highly demanding product lines with 24/7 mass flow rate.

The ALS 306 is perfectly made for:
• Decorative labels
• Promotional labels
• Branding labels
• Declaration labels
• Product labels

And these are the industries the ALS 306 feels at home in:
• Fast moving consumer goods
• Food industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• House care industry
• Beverage industry
• Health & body industry
• Chemical industry

The modular, flexible high-speed performer
The ALS 306 is the first product out of a new range of modular labellers by Avery Dennison. Its modular and robust concept allows high speed,  wide labels and flexible integration – which makes  it optimally suited for highly demanding industrial  applications.

The perfect fit
When you acquire a new labelling machine, you want to make sure it fits in perfectly with your existing production line. This is exactly what the ALS 306 can do for you. The unwinding unit can be mounted in various places on the module. Top, left side, right side – as you please. Also the machine can be integrated horizontally or vertically.
And if you want, a second unwinder can even be added, so a new label roll will be ready to go shortly if the other one is empty.

Boost your runtime
There’s another great aspect about the modular concept. What do you usually do when it comes to maintenance? You remove the back part of the body cover. With the ALS 306, the apply unit module (AUM) and the power rewind module (PUR) can easily be pulled out, allowing front access also. So you’re much more flexible in your maintenance. Which means more uptime in the production line.

Of course, you’re still free to remove the back
part if you want to. After all, the ALS 306 fits to your needs!

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