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Price range:

High volume requirements need a powerful, efficient and reliable Print & Apply solution. Built for heavy industrial use the ALX 73x series meets those needs with accuracy and speed. 

Total Cost of Ownership
When investing in a high volume Print & Apply system, both lifetime and acquisition costs need to be considered. Avery Dennison developed the ALX 73x series taking into consideration this Total Cost of Ownership and reviewing lifetime costs such as downtime, maintenance, consumables and wear and tear, to create the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

The benefit
The Avery Dennison high volume Print & Apply series, ALX 73x has a low Total Cost of Ownership. With its high speed and easy-to-use features, it will seamlessly fit into your production environment. Annual costs are up to 50% lower compared to competitive solutions and therefore significantly reduce your payback-period for the system. Plus,
the ALX 73x is highly reliable and can help you reduce downtime in production.

Right consumables save additional costs
Choose compatible high-performance consumables. This keeps Total Cost of Ownership low and print quality high. Avery Dennison is happy to advise on the best fit of consumables for your system. For contact details see page six.

Benefits at a glance

The ALX 73x:

• reduces downtime in production – large label and ribbon rolls, modular parts for quick maintenance, easy-to-use controls and user friendly features

• enhances productivity with high print and apply speed and output of up to 400 labels/min*

• reduces consumable costs with a ribbon save function

• highly reliable, 24/7: High quality parts ensure a long lifetime and low maintenance. The proven firmware
is sure to avoid downtime

• very flexible – modular concept and standard interfaces for easy integration in all types of network. The mounting options ensure a good fit even when space is limited

Avery Dennison offers a broad range of highly efficient Print & Apply systems. Our powerful and versatile systems are all perfectly suited for integration into your existing and new production-lines or for stand-alone applications. They are suitable for many industries including retail supply chain, chemical, pharmaceutical and food.

Within this wide and varied range, the ALX 73x clearly comes out on top – as the fastest, highest performing and most rugged, ready for the challenges in your industry.


If your product is not suitable for direct apply, or too delicate for mechanical contact, Avery Dennison has
the following applicator options with plug-and-play integration.

The LA-TO touch-on applicator applies the label to your product by means of a cylinder. This is very useful if direct apply is not possible, e.g. to overcome a distance between dispensing-edge and product. LA-TO is suitable for moving as well as static products, for boxes and outer packages. The LA-TO has a very high output for top, side or bottom apply.

If your products are highly sensitive to mechanical pressure and require noncontact labelling, the blowon
applicator provides a highly suitable solution. LA-BO gently applies labels without contact using air stream application. This makes the LA-BO especially suitable for uneven surfaces as well as for pressuresensitive food products such as eggs, bread, etc.


The ALX 73x series offers you more added value than any Print & Apply system ever before:

High print and apply speed
Fast output of up to 400 labels/min* – especially beneficial for single items, boxes and trays in automated production lines in any industry.

Large label and ribbon rolls
With a roll diameter of 400 mm for labels and up to 1000 m for ribbon rolls, you will profit from fewer roll changes and consequently less downtime in your production line.

Three printwidths
Choose between 4”, 5” and 6” – select the best solution to fit your application. Standard interfaces
Gain flexibility in highly automated environments with the ALX 73x. The standard interfaces enable seamless connection to many types of networks and control devices.

Mounting option
With the multiple mounting options the ALX 73x allows easy and flexible integration, even when space is limited. Ready for both top and side labelling.

For service and maintenance, just exchange the print or apply module. These modules can be changed quickly keeping downtime to a minimum.

Second unwinder module
With a second unwinder, label rolls can be switched during operation – this means even less downtime in production lines that cannot afford interruption.


  For additional support and questions regarding our products and services, please contact us