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Modular structure for high versatility

• Large label rolls up to a diameter of 200 mm
• Print speed up to 200 mm/s
• Simplest operating and maintenance ability

The optimal matching of transfer ribbon, label and pressure power enable the Compa II to print onto type plates, adhesive labels, paper, cardboard, textile and plastic. Fast and easily suitable labels with an abrasion, weather and chemical resistant printout can be obtained. A lifelong identification of your product and traceability with the aid of serial numbers is guaranteed. Requirements of a reliable labelling e.g. for the automobile industry are guaranteed. The ultimate ambition with the development was the simple and comfortable handling as well as high reliability – also in harsh environments. Housing and print mechanics are perfectly coordinated and manufactured from high-quality materials. Each specific customer requirement is realised with the extensive periphery and software.

Label Dispenser Unit
For dispensing of labels an additional dispenser photocell or dispenser inputs are needed. After removing the label the print order is activated by the dispenser photocell or by an external signal on the dispenser input. The backing paper is rolled up with the internal standard rewinder.


Cutter Unit
The half-rotary cutter of Compa II series permits fast cutting of different label materials up to a weight of 220 g/mm2. The refit cutter permits single, interval and final cut. The cutter can be mounted easily and fast with two pins to the printer and fixed with a screw.

External Label Rewinders
With the rewinder units PR 10 and PR 15 it is possible to process label rolls up to a diameter of 210 mm. The rewinders are bolted directly to the printer. With the rewinding units PR 12 and PR 17 the maximum diameter of label rolls is 300 mm. Due to the internal power supply unit they are equally suitable for all printer types. An electronic control via swing arm enables smooth and tight winding.

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