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The Kiaro! is a ground-breaking new inkjet color label printer that combines excellent print quality with high-speed label printing and low cost of ownership. When you use a Kiaro! color label maker to print your own labels, you can cut label costs and add more flexibility to your product packaging. The Kiaro! digital color label printer was developed especially for manufacturers and processors who want to make fantastic-looking labels at high speeds (think 7,200 labels per hour for 3” x 4” sized labels!) The Kiaro! color label printer instantly prints professional-quality labels at an attractive cost-per-label.

Cut Label Costs:

Get rid of your costly inventory of pre-printed labels! Instead of storing pre-printed labels in your stockroom until they are obsolete, digitally print your own labels in short-run batches as you need them. You control costs by printing only what you need, and spend money only when you print.

In addition to its already affordable cost-per-label, the Kiaro! offers you additional savings with its Economy Print Mode option. Using Economy mode reduces the amount of ink used on each label, saving you 15-18% on the total cost of the printed label while printed labels continue to look great (1200 dpi resolution doesn’t change, labels just look “lighter”).

Quit Wasting Labels:

The Kiaro! is unique among all digital color label printers because it prints on the first label out, without a wasteful blank “leader” of labels before or after labels are printed. Watch as a new batch is printed adjacent to a previous batch, with no blank labels in between. The Kiaro! prints labels consistently, printing full rolls of “useable” labels without stopping, cutting, and splicing the label material thanks to its reliable operation and “in job” cleaning process. No other high-speed inkjet label printer can say that!

Quick Label Printing:

Unlike other inkjet color label printers, the Kiaro! prints color labels at speeds that keep up with production lines, up to 40 feet per minute (from 2 - 8 ips, or 50 - 200 mm/s). With the additional ability to print one label and tear it off, the Kiaro! also operates at the perfect speed for manually applying labels.

Color Label Printing:

The rich colors, 1200 dpi high resolution, and tight registration of Kiaro!-printed labels rival the print quality of flexographic label printing presses. You can digitally print labels that are picture-perfect labels without tweaking any artwork or buying printing plates. Request a printed sample label to see for yourself!

Quality Maintenance:

Every high-speed in-house inkjet label printer, including the Kiaro!, produces periodic printed “artifacts” such as void lines and banding lines. The Kiaro! handles these common inkjet label printing artifacts through its slick “in job” cleaning procedure. If a print artifact is produced, you simply pause the print job and click to enable the automatic cleaning process. The printer will clean and then resume printing excellent labels.

Warranty and Support:

Our help is always available by telephone, email, and web. In addition to the Kiaro! standard One-Year Warranty, we offer:

  • Quick Set-Up Package: A QuickLabel specialist will come to your location, install the Kiaro!, and train your users to start printing labels.

  • Full Customer Support Package: We will come to your location to provide installation and training service. After the initial set-up, you will be enrolled in our Kiaro! QuickSwap™ program under which you will receive a loaner Kiaro! printer in the event that your production is down and an emergency replacement printer is needed.

  For additional support and questions regarding our products and services, please contact us