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Amazing quality and blinding speed make the Kiaro! 200 the best wide-width label printer. You can print the highest quality labels (1200 dpi) and at the fastest speeds (40 feet per minute!) with the Kiaro! 200, right in your facility for a fantastic cost-per-label.

The Kiaro! 200 is a state-of-the-art label printer, capable of printing gorgeous labels that measure up to 8” wide by more than 17” long, at speeds of 8 inches per second. The Kiaro! 200 couples its print speed with its 1200 dpi print quality – an unmatched combination in the label printer market.

No label printer can print wide-width labels as quickly and as beautifully as the Kiaro!

The Kiaro! 200 prints longer, more consistently, and with less maintenance than any other wide-width label printer, and prints tens-of-thousands of labels with no maintenance or manual cleaning during uptime.

Cut Label Costs by Printing on Demand:

Stop letting pre-printed labels sit on shelves for months, wasting precious warehouse space until they’re obsolete. The Kiaro! 200 will eliminate your costly inventory of pre-printed labels by allowing you to digitally print your own professional quality, wide-width labels in short-run batches, on demand as you need them.

Control your own costs by printing only what you need, and spend money only when you print.

Uptime Peace of Mind:

The strong foundation of the original narrow-width Kairo has laid the groundwork for the wider Kiaro! 200 to provide the most consistent operation, and most repeatable high-quality performance ever.

The Kiaro! 200 automatically detects when cleaning is necessary; if needed the Kiaro! 200 will pause during the print job, perform an automatic cleaning, and then resume printing on the very same label.

You’ll have no messy manual cleaning, and will never have to break the web and splice label rolls, because the Kiaro! never wastes a single label for maintenance. Plus, with the Kiaro! 200 there are no wasted labels when starting, ending, or pausing a printing run.

Gorgeous and Immediate Label Printing:

Print in beautiful 1200 dpi with the Kiaro! 200. Impress your customers, retailers, and even competitors by displaying your product with the better looking labels than any competition. The quality of the labels the Kiaro! 200 creates is outstanding – plus, the Kiaro! 200 prints quickly: 8 inches per second (that’ s 40 feet per minute!).

Unlike other label printers, which offer high quality but slow print speeds, or fast printing with grainy images, The Kiaro! 200 prints at its highest quality, 1200 dpi - every label, every time.

The Kiaro! 200 is Easy & Ready for Integration:

The Kiaro! 200 is easy to use, operate and set up. The intuitive, fully-integrated design lets operators load labels and inks in seconds, and is truly user friendly – anyone can operate a Kiaro! 200.

Whether your label artwork is designed on a Mac or a PC, and whether you have a .jpg, .tif, .pdf – or another file type – the Kiaro! 200 will work for you.

The robust printer drivers in the Kiaro! 200 label printer are compatible with Windows® software, and all major label software brands. Whether you use the included Custom QuickLabel® software or another labeling software you will easily create and print Kiaro! 200 labels.

See It For Yourself!

Schedule an in-person demonstration and save $500 on your purchase of a Kiaro 200!. We’ll bring a Kiaro 200! label printer right to your facility, print your pre-existing label artwork, and show you how fast and beautiful the Kiaro! 200 labels print.


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