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Do you need to simultaneously print on both sides of a label or tag? The Plexo! duo 453 takes Plexo! two color label printing and turns it upside-down, so that you can print duplex labels. In the Plexo! duo, one printhead is on the bottom side of the label while the other is on the top side of the label. The result is that you can print labels with graphics, text, barcodes, and variable information in a single color on the top side of the label and in a single color on bottom of the label.

The Plexo! duo is especially ideal for printing apparel care labels, hang tags, and price tags, where brand logos, required ASTM symbols, serializing codes, and text must be printed on both sides of the label or tag.

Each Plexo! label printer is backed by QuickLabel's Plexo! Lifetime Warranty and QuickSwap™ Repair and Replacement Program.


Double-Sided Label Printing in Any 2 Colors:

The Plexo duo 453 prints double-sided labels in two colors, with one color printed on the top of the label and one color printed on the reverse side of the label. Designed primarily for use by apparel and textile manufacturers who need to print double-sided care labels and tags, hang tags, and price tags, the rugged Plexo! duo is equally at home in a service bureau or factory floor.

2 Color Care Label Printing:

The Plexo! duo 453 can print all ASTM care label symbols and color logos and is capable of printing variable information on-the-fly. This duplex printer is at its best printing narrow labels between 0.78” – 4.1” wide (20mm -106mm  ), and is compatible with most non-woven and polysatin care label materials, paper tag materials, and the QuickLabel family of washable thermal transfer ribbons for apparel applications. The Plexo! duo is also compatible with shrink tubing material, and can be used to print cable and wire markers.

It is convenient to cut labels printed by the Plexo! duo 453, either at the end of a batch or in individual labels. The printer can be mated to an integrated cutter or integrated cutter-stacker accessory, making it easy to print, cut, and then stack printed labels or tags at any time. It’s also easy to rewind a roll of care labels inline with the integrated rewinder accessory.

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