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LPA 81x powered by Avery Dennison LightSmart™ Technology

Innovative “backing paper-free” Print & Apply Labelling Solution offers accelerated performance,
intelligence and sustainability.

The Avery Dennison LPA 81x uses LightSmart™ Technology which eliminates wasteful backing paper material when printing content and shipping labels in the manufacturing, packaging and logistics industries for:

• Cartons
• Trays
• Pallets

Compared to conventional pressure sensitive (PS) labelling with backing paper and standard label lengths, the LPA 81x offers significant bottom line benefits through increased productivity, improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Increased Productivity Enhances Performance
Eliminating the backing paper cuts time, steps, hassle and expense, adding productivity and flexibility through:

• Increased production line uptime due to 60%
more labels on roll*

• Reduced operator workload due to fewer and
easier roll changes

• No backing paper waste handling and associated

• Flexible label length maximising material use

• Reduced material and ribbon resulting inlower consumable costs

Improved Efficiency Increases Savings
Using the LPA 81x with LightSmart™ accelerates operational efficiency without concessions to quality. No backing paper and flexible label sizes on a single supply roll mean:

• Fewer supply SKUs: Only one supply roll is needed for different label lengths
• 60% less material handling compared to PS labels due to more material on roll*
• Reduced inventory space
• Reduced logistics and lower total shipping costs due to more labels on roll

Reduced Environmental Impact Elevates Brand
By eliminating the backing paper, LPA 81x elevates brand, increasing a company’s sustainability credentials through:
• No backing paper production
• No backing paper waste
• Less material to transport

How LPA 81x Works
This newest way to print and apply labels on secondary packaging is that simple:

• The LightSmart™ material arrives coated on the reverse with a non-tack adhesive

• Using the LPA 81x Print & Apply unit, data is printed onto the material and labels are cut to the desired length

• The adhesive backing is then activated through infrared heat. The LightSmart™ label becomes sticky through
heat activation after the print and cut stage – a key differentiator compared to existing backing paper-free

Print & Apply solutions.

• The sticky label is then applied

Learn More About Avery Dennison LPA 81x and LightSmart™ Technology

Contact us for:

• Solution presentation at your location

• A production line audit calculating the benefits of using the LPA 81x

• A technology demonstration in one of our Avery Dennison locations

Water – Reduces water usage by 47%, equivalent to the amount of annual drinking water needed for 439 people

Energy – Reduces energy usage by 25%, equivalent to saving the annual energy consumption of 9 households

GHG – Reduces the carbon footprint by 2%, equivalent to removing one car from the road for one month Solid

Waste – Reduces the solid waste footprint by 65%, equivalent to eliminating the waste generated from 1 household each year


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